How telehealth doctors’ service works at National Telemedicine Doctors


Click on the link “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE” at the top of any page on this website and follow the prompts.



If you require a prescription, enter details of your preferred pharmacy for receipt of your prescription (if one is issued). If you do not have a preferred pharmacy, the doctor will email your prescription to an accredited pharmacy near you and you will be notified.



Choose a practitioner and an appointment time that suits you. If it is a telehealth phone consultation, your doctor will call you at the appointment time on the telephone number that is registered with us as your contact phone number. Your doctor will call you as close to that time as possible, depending on the doctor’s availability. If it is a video consultation, we will provide you with instructions on how to join the video call. Should you miss the phone/video call for any reason, you will need to call us back immediately to proceed with the consultation or to arrange another consultation.