How telehealth doctors’ service works at National Telemedicine Doctors


Click on the link “Book an Appointment Online” on the top right side of this page and get started by registering and creating a profile. If you are already registered and you are a returning patient, simply log in using your email address and password.



Select an appointment time that suits you. Then complete your appointment booking by confirming your preferred pharmacy where the doctor will send your prescription if they decide it is necessary, or if you do not have a preferred pharmacy, the doctor can email your prescription to an accredited pharmacy near you.



Your doctor will call you at the appointment time on the telephone number that is registered with us as your contact phone number. Your doctor will call you as soon as he/she is available. If it is a video consultation, we will provide you with instructions to join the video call. You will need to call back immediately if you miss the call.

Using National Telemedicine Doctor’s telehealth platform, you can now consult an Australian Medical Board-certified doctor/GP/health practitioner in the comfort of our own home or office. Of course a face-to-face consultation with your regular health practitioner is the ideal consultation, however a consultation with National Telemedicine Doctors is an effective and convenient alternative, when a face-to-face consultation is not possible. During your consultation your National Telemedicine Doctor/ health practitioner will advise you if an in-person visit to a health practitioner is required.


A telehealth consultation with National Telemedicine Doctors as an alternative to a face-to-face visit with a doctor has many benefits, including:

  • No travel expenses, or lost time due to travel
  • Less time away from work to attend a consultation
  • Less interference with child or other carer responsibilities
  • No exposure to other patients who may have contagious illnesses
  • Less waiting time to get a consultation if there is a long waiting time to see your usual doctor face-to-face.
  • Prevention of the possible spread of coronavirus that may endanger people who are vulnerable, aged, or have pre-existing health conditions
  • Privacy

Please remember that consultations provided by National Telemedicine Doctors are not suitable in the case of medical emergencies requiring urgent treatment. In the case of emergencies, please contact your local emergency services immediately.

Do I need a referral for a Specialist/Allied Health Practitioner?

Any General Practitioner at National Telemedicine Doctors can write a referral for you if you need a referral to a specialist/allied Health practitioner. You may need a referral to see a registered specialist or health practitioner – if you take services of a specialist/allied Health practitioner without a referral, Medicare will not cover any of your costs.